Feb 01

Nova – Shoprite and Checkers Namibian Champion Boerewors Competition

Nova 1035 is Future Media’s newest brand, having launched in April 2020. It has the biggest commercial radio transmission network in Namibia, giving it massive reach all over Namibia. Nova caters to its older audience by playing hits from the last 40 years.

In its short ‘lifespan’, Nova has built some fantastic partnerships.

One of these is with the Shoprite & Checkers Namibian Champion Boerewors Competition.

In 2021, Nova became the first-ever media partner for the competition, which has been running annually since 2010.

The Boerewors competition needed a boost of awareness, and so Nova ran a high-frequency call-to-action campaign for entries into the competition, which included interviews, advertisements, outside broadcasts and social media coverage. The client was satisfied that the profile of the competition had been significantly elevated and signed Nova as the media partner for a second year.

In 2022, Nova suggested adding a competition element to boost sales of the Championship Boerewors after the winning recipe had been announced. Once again, a high-frequency on-air campaign was run to call-for-entries, with an added call to buy for consumers. Consumers could win shopping vouchers on Nova by buying the winning boerewors and sharing their best “braai with boerewors” moment.

At the end of the campaign, the client was once again satisfied with the growth in sales and campaign awareness. The partnership with Nova added a different dynamic to the campaign, increasing engagement and sales, and will continue doing so with the relationship continuing in 2023.