Feb 20

Metro Community Heroes 2022

(Monday, 24 October 2022) – “Metro Namibia in Partnership with Nova 1035/Omulunga Radio announce Selma Lucas as the Community Hero 2022.”

Launched in 2021, the Metro Namibia Community Heroes initiative aims to recognize and celebrate Namibians from all walks of life who are making a significant contribution to their community through charity work. The Metro Namibia Community Hero 2022 will receive N$20,000 in cash and N$80,000 in support of their community work from Metro Namibia.

Namibians were invited to nominate their community hero on either Omulunga Radio or Nova 1035. The winner was determined by public vote, more than 1,700 votes were sent in. Garnering 32% of the votes, Selma Lucas has officially been announced the Metro Namibia Community Hero 2022.

Selma’s story is that of inspiration and service, despite her trials and tribulations. Having tragically lost her husband last year, she has remained committed to selflessly serving her community. Selma runs a soup kitchen every Saturday which feeds the hungry and malnourished in her community. Over and above that Selma has taken it upon herself to meet with the youth to engage, guide, and help them with the challenges that they face daily. All whilst being a mother to her own three children. Selma is guided by her Christian faith, and lives by the scripture, “Come as you are.”

Kobus Boshoff, Marketing & Merchandising Executive of Metro Namibia says: ‘This initiative needs to grow as we at Metro grow with our community members. We will continue this project for as long as we see the benefit in developing our Nation as this is a continuous journey for us as Namibians.”

Future Media’s Products & Campaigns Manager, Christine Venter, highlights the importance of the media shining light on the selfless work of these Heroes, saying: “These individuals do the work most people don’t want to do and put in huge amounts of time, resources, and often sweat and tears. This should always be highlighted and celebrated, and as media we are proud to be able to do that.”

For more information, contact Laimi Elago at elago@futuremedia.com or on +264 84 000 9800.