Radiowave, Namibia’s leading commercial radio station, boasts renowned radio personalities and reaches approximately 100,000 listeners. As a multiple PMR Diamond Arrow award recipient, our engaging and current programming sets the standard for personality-driven radio in Namibia. Radiowave consistently connects with audiences globally through innovative campaigns and events, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the local entertainment industry.

Omulunga Radio is Namibia’s premier commercial radio station with the largest listener base, reaching approximately 400,000 Oshiwambo listeners. The station’s Makalani tree logo represents the indigenous palm tree in Northern Namibia and the community-oriented Aawambo nation. Omulunga Radio serves as both a friendly companion to listeners and an effective marketing platform for local businesses. In August 2022, a new studio was launched in the north to enhance engagement with listeners and stakeholders in Oshana, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, and Omusati regions.

Fresh FM embodies the pulse of our thriving, educated, youthful nation, seeking progress, identity, and a promising future. Catering to an up-and-coming generation of leaders in business, politics, and society, our listeners possess the drive and disposable income to create their desired lifestyle. The meticulously curated playlist features the most popular R&B, Afro, and Urban AC tunes, emphasizing local and African artists, in a global context

NOVA 103.5 features the top Pop and Rock hits from the past 40 years, presented by an experienced team delivering a curated mix of news, sports, and daily conversation in both English and Afrikaans. Boasting the country’s largest private transmitter network with over 23 transmitters, NOVA 103.5 has quickly garnered a significant audience in Namibia, and continues to grow rapidly as it caters to an older, more affluent audience.

Success seekers, tune in! Voted Namibia’s #1 Favourite English Station, 99FM connects you with an ambitious audience on the rise, eager for economic, social, and personal growth. Be part of their feel-good journey and tell your brand story.

OneAfrica is a multi-genre, multi-platform television entertainment and media brand. We inform, educate, entertain, and connect our viewers to the world. We inspire our audience and bring them closer to the people, places hopes and dreams that matter to them. As a Namibian media and entertainment brand, we work hard to be accessible, honest, friendly, creative, interesting, and most importantly, an authentic voice for our community. Our omnichannel approach to marketing communications keeps us connected and in tune with our audience.

Future Media News is Namibia’s leading news brand. Established in 2019, Future Media News strives to be independent, accurate and on time. Each bulletin and all segments produced by Future Media News are guided by the ethical guidelines of the Editors Forum of Namibia and the Media Ombudsman, as set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Namibian Print, Broadcast and Online Media. Future Media News focuses on national, regional and international news stories. Bringing listeners, a balanced view, so they can make up their own minds.

Future Media News broadcasts across all Future Media radio station platforms, with a combined audience of 600 000. It is available across multiple social media and podcasting platforms. It has become a trusted news source whose foundation is built on credibility. 

Learning doesn’t only happen between four walls. LearnOnOne enables Namibian children and adults to LearnOn, by accessing extra classes during daytime on One Africa’s widely accessible platforms.  All lessons are also distributed through an on-demand streaming platform.  The LearnOnOne Foundation is a Non-Profit Association incorporated under Section 21 of the Namibian Companies Act.