Gary Stroebel

Future Media CEO

Gary has 25-years’ experience in the media industry, with a proven track record in sales management, radio programming, and research. Gary is passionate about driving change and encouraging innovation.  Outside of his professional endeavors, Gary is an avid golfer who enjoys unwinding on the green.

Nicci Wilson

General Manager of Sales

Nicci is a seasoned marketing professional with a degree in Marketing and over a decade of experience in the radio sales industry. Since 2009, she has been dedicated to building deep relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success. Outside of her professional pursuits, Nicci is a talented artist, showcasing her creative flair and passion for expression.

Juan Vorster

General Manager of Broadcasting | Radiowave Station Manager

Juan has over 16 years of experience as a station manager, and has been actively involved in the Namibian radio industry since 2003. With a deep understanding of the radio landscape, he expertly oversees the programming for all four radio stations. In addition to his radio career, Juan is a talented chef, holding a culinary degree from Malaysia.


Products & Campaigns Development Manager

Christine, holding a Diploma in Media & Communications, collaborates with multiple departments to support and coordinate projects and marketing campaigns. With 10 years of experience presenting on air, she brings valuable insights to her current role. In her personal time, Christine enjoys reading, consistently broadening her horizons and interests.


Finance Manager | Operations Manager

Tiaan, a skilled professional with a Bachelor’s in Financial Accounting, a post graduate Diploma in Business Management and background in auditing, joined Future Media in 2021 as Finance Manager of Debtors. His expertise allows him to excel in his role, contributing to the company’s financial success. Outside of work, Tiaan is passionate about carpentry, showcasing his appreciation for hands-on craftsmanship.

Elzethe Louw

Finance Manager | Human Resource Manager

Elzethe Louw is a dedicated professional with a background in auditing. Having joined Future Media in 2019, she efficiently manages the creditors and HR departments. Her experience in financial matters and people management has supported the team as they navigate the industry’s challenges and opportunities.


Agency Sales Executive

Jacqueline serves as the Manager of Agency Sales, consistently striving for excellent client service. With over 20 years of experience in radio sales and marketing, her expertise ensures success for all parties involved. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Jacqueline is a devoted mother, finding balance between her personal and professional life.

David Bishop

Future Media News Editor

David is a seasoned media professional, with over two decades’ experience in the media industry and a qualification in Media Management.  As the overseer of the Future Media News team, he is dedicated to ensuring every report is “Independent, Accurate, and On-Time.” An avid cyclist, David has twice completed the Desert Dash as part of a four-man team.

Simon Mundandala

Omulunga Radio Station Manager

Simon has been an integral part of Omulunga Radio since its inception, establishing himself as a trusted voice within the Oshiwambo community. His in-depth understanding of the Omulunga audience’s lifestyle enables him to effectively engage with and cater to their preferences. In addition to his radio work, Simon devotes his free time to motivational speaking and counseling, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth and development.

Kaycee Butshe

Fresh FM Station Manager

Kaycee began his broadcasting career as a presenter and now boasts 13 years of experience, which he brings to bear as Fresh FM’s station manager. Committed to delivering top-notch programming for Namibia’s young professionals, Kaycee continually seeks innovative content. In his leisure time, he enjoys producing music and exploring new creative avenues.

Morné Germishuys

IT Manager

Morné Germishuys is our experienced IT Manager with over 15 years of industry expertise. Morné plays an invaluable role in Future Media’s continued success, ensuring that our radio stations remain at the forefront of the industry.