Future Media offers your brand solutions across the broadcasting, digital, media, audio, online and outdoor spaces. With this objective in mind, we create solutions that will meet the desired outcomes. Successful campaigns may require one or more elements, different products can provide for different outcomes. With guidance from our Account Executives and industry experts, we aim to offer each client an innovative, unique, and engaging campaign that best fits the goal you wish to achieve.


The four Future Media Radio stations (Omulunga, Radiowave, Nova 1035, Fresh FM) are platforms that offer a diverse listenership. Brands can connect and engage with their target audience utilizing various radio products. Our Future Media Account Executives and professional radio experts will create and develop, tailor-made / customized solutions that help reach your goals and build your brand. Radio advertising offers brands several opportunities, be it a creative 30 sec commercial, show or segment sponsorship and competitions, radio advertising is limitless when it comes to your brand engaging with your target audience.


Google search allows you to participate in the new online world. Google search in Africa is in its infancy. There is a great opportunity for your business to own this channel and increase revenue, whilst growing your brand. Servicing searches the manual way consumes many man-hours and requires skill and money.

Adbot offers a platform that manages your search campaigns through AI and allows you to achieve results in a much more cost-effective way.


No matter which way you slice it, music is a powerful tool for retailers. You can encourage customers to feel positive, confident, and happy in their purchases just by understanding the psychology behind the music that you’re playing. Using tempo, volume, and genre and combining your music selections with the appropriate sensory influences, you have the power to increase the spending habits of most customers who walk through your doors.


Our Radio Activations include on-air pre-promotions of the event and trained activators to engage with consumers, play music, make announcements on-site, and update your business on the radio. The Radio activations are amplified by an on-air presence and the direct on the ground activations. This gives your brand a two-fold means of engaging the target market and increasing brand awareness.


Our Brand Activations are a way to introduce your product or service to consumers. Our trained activators, engage with consumers through tastings, handouts, games, and announcements.  Brand activations are interactive, and our dedicated team of Future Media All-stars are trained to engage with consumers, our expert team create innovative and fun ways to interact and connect with the target audience.


Future Media has four state of the art production studios, and our production team are industry experts. The Audio production services available to you, range from podcasting, professional productions, studio rental, PABX recordings, scripting, and translations. We offer the full range of production services and assist you from the pre-production stage to postproduction. There is an art to audio production that our team of professionals have perfected.


'Future Media definitely has a clear understanding of both marketing and media, and are flexible in designing programs that creates an unbelievable amount of consumer excitement! Their great creative ideas, consistent effort and high quality service ensures that our brands get heard and are loved by so many Namibians. Truly an expert in their field!'- AFRICAN MARKETING NAMIBIA - Hendrik Röschlau
'After 9 consecutive years of working with Future Media, we can confidently state that Capricorn Asset Management has always been pleased with both the service and after-sales service delivered by the FM team. Whether it’s their dedicated commitment to our contract and our needs or their undying passion for upholding their brand, we are pleased to call them our business partners and look forward to many more fruitful years together.'- CAPRICORN ASSET MANAGEMENT - Tarina Biewenga
'The dynamic Future Media Team has a clear understanding of both marketing and media and are extremely flexible by tailor-making advertising solutions for their individual clients needs on air and on the ground. They have the skill to know exactly how to tweak an idea to deliver the added something that makes a campaign come to life.'- BROLL NAMIBIA - Sylvia Rusch
'Gondwana Collection Namibia has had the opportunity to work with Futuremedia on various projects and with all the different stations available. Engagements are consistently positive and have offered unique and constructive collaborations with every project.'- GONDWANA COLLECTION NAMIBIA - Jescey Bekker