Feb 01

Fresh FM – 10 Second Challenge

Fresh FM was launched in 2008 as a youth and urban hip-hop station. Over the years the Fresh FM audience matured, and so has the station.

Fast-forward 14 years, and Fresh FM has evolved into an aspirational brand that targets the 25-37 market of entrepreneurs and ‘up-and-coming’ decision makers. Modern Afropop and R&B make up the sound of the station, and the presenters are some of the most experienced in the Namibian market.

In March 2022, after polishing the Fresh FM diamond for over a year, they were ready to do something big.

The Fresh FM 10 Second Challenge was launched to achieve three objectives:

  • Increase time spent listening (TSL)
  • Increase listener engagement
  • Gauge through this engagement whether the brand was attracting their desired target market

The competition challenged listeners to figure out the correct titles & artists of ten different songs – and their only clue was a 10-second collage of a 1-second snippet of each track. The prize: Your cash share of N$20,129.00

In 12 days, Fresh FM received over 1,500 entries. Organic social media reach was over 10,500 accounts reached, and engagement with the station channels drastically increased throughout all dayparts. The grand prize contestant won N$ 11,129.00!

But did Fresh FM reach the right market?

Five listeners each walked away with a share of the prize money for their correct answers. All of them ticked the right boxes:

  • 4 females and 1 male
  • 4 employed in corporate jobs and one self-employed
  • All in their late twenties

These same characteristic trends were seen among the other contestants.

Radio is an intimate medium. It gets into your private headspace, building a unique relationship through a personal connection – through music, personality, content and emotion.

Just like in any relationship, the partners need to be compatible and adapt to each other in order to make it a fulfilled relationship.

This is what Fresh FM was able to do with their campaign – adapt to the needs of their target market, and successfully appeal to and engage with them.