Feb 01

Radiowave – Nola Golden Jar Hunt

Radiowave is the most commercially successfully privately-owned radio station in Namibia.

It has been known by its listeners and clients to run out-of-the-box campaigns that are unique and exciting – and that get results.

Nola Mayonnaise needed to increase their brand visibility and sales in the central and coastal regions of Namibia, and they turned to radio to help them do that.

In March 2023, Radiowave ran the ‘Nola Golden Jar Hunt’. Two ‘golden jars’ were hidden – one in Windhoek, another in Swakopmund. The two listeners that found the jars would each win a N$10,000 shopping voucher.

The campaign created a massive excitement, with listeners following the clues that were announced on-air daily. We received pictures and phone calls about listeners searching in malls and along roads to find their proverbial pot of gold.

After six days of the high-frequency on-air campaign, two listeners had found the jars and were announced as the winners. Brand advertising continued as planned for the rest of the 4-week period, pushing Nola as a premium brand.

Nola Mayonnaise reported a 44% increase in sales value and sales volume went up by 17% over the 4-week period. It was a massive win for the client, and a great example of how radio messaging can influence consumer behaviour in a fun, engaging way.