Oct 11

Salt Essential IT and MICT launch a Whatsapp info bot for cybersecurity awareness

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) and Salt Essential IT has officially launched the first ever iSecureBot, a WhatsApp Info Bot that provides cybersecurity awareness and education. The launch took place at the 7th National ICT Summit in Windhoek where the attendees were introduced to the innovative and interactive platform that aims to empower and protect the online users in Namibia.

iSecureBot supports the National Cybersecurity Strategy & Awareness Raising Plan 2022 – 2027, which was initiated by MICT in 2023 to address the potential risks, prevention, mitigation and remediation of cyber threats. Salt Essential IT, as a leading ICT service provider in Namibia, has committed to develop and provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training with MICT in alignment of the MOU between the two entities signed in 2022 for a five year period.

iSecureBot leverages the technology made available via WhatsApp’s interactive info bot services, which allows users to access information and guidance on various cybersecurity topics such as Google, email, online banking, social media and more. Users can simply send a “hello” to Cyber-Hero’s number, +264 85 173 2873 and receive a welcome message and a user-friendly menu that offers them to request information on cybersecurity risks, prevention, mitigation or remediation. Furthermore, the info bot also offers an interactive platform for individuals and organisations to ask questions and receive information, links to training and informational videos and so much more.

“With the world changing at the pace it does and our lives revolving more and more around online transactions, work and socialising, cybersecurity should always be top of mind. Your security, our priority.” said Sonja Coetzer, MD of Salt Essential IT.

Linda Aipinge-Nakale, the Director of ICT Development at MICT, said: “We are very excited to launch iSecureBot, a WhatsApp Info Bot that will provide cybersecurity awareness and education to the public. This is a milestone achievement for MICT and our partner, Salt Essential IT, who have worked tirelessly to develop this innovative and interactive platform. iSecureBot will help us to achieve our vision of creating a safe and secure online environment for all Namibians. We encourage everyone to use this service and learn how to protect themselves from cyberthreats.”

iSecureBot is now available for free for all WhatsApp users in Namibia who want to learn more about cybersecurity and how to protect themselves online. For more information, please visit www.salt.na and www.mict.gov.na as well as our social media pages.