Aug 29

Osino Resources Corp. successfully dual-listed on Namibian Stock Exchange

Press Release

Osino Resources Corp (“Osino”), the Canadian registered holding company of the local Osino mining entities, has successfully dual-listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (“NSX”) on 29 August 2023, under the share code OSN.

The announcement of the successful listing falls during the ongoing regional roadshow that aims to introduce investors to the company, as well as their exploration and development activities in Namibia, culminating in Osino’s shares being included on the NSX register allowing for the trading of the company via local stockbrokers.

Osino commenced operations in Namibia in 2016 and listed on the TSX in 2018. The Company’s flagship Twin Hills Gold Project is comprised of 11 exclusive prospecting licenses (“EPLs”) granted by the government of Namibia, which are held over a combined area of 153,206 ha in and around the regional towns and settlements of Usakos, Karibib, Omaruru, and Wilhelmstal in the Erongo Region of Namibia.

Osino, while primary listed in Canada due to the lack of exploration funding in Namibia, was founded by Namibians, and all the underlying assets of Osino are Namibian. The company is led by many of the individuals who were instrumental in the development of the Otjikoto mine (prior to its acquisition by B2Gold). Osino’s Twin Hills Gold Project, which is anticipated to become the next gold mine in Namibia, is expected to be larger than the Otjikoto mine. The project has been substantially de-risked. Osino Co-Founder and CEO Heye Daun, a Namibian born mining engineer, says he has long hoped for the opportunity to create access to Namibian capital markets for the project development at Twin Hills. “The Twin Hills Gold Project is expected to provide significant economic and social benefits for Namibians, and listing on the NSX is another opportunity for Osino to partner with Namibian stakeholders.” This ambition is shared by Cirrus, the Namibian corporate/transaction advisors, who are hopeful that the NSX
listing creates increased exposure and awareness for Osino in Namibia.

According to Rowland Brown from Cirrus Capital: “This is the first real opportunity for Namibian investors to purchase NSX-listed shares in one of Namibia’s largest mines at a fairly early, but highly de-risked stage. This rare opportunity should be converted into a precedent for future mine development in the country, linking Namibians to ownership of local extractive industry opportunities”.

Osino, assisted by Cirrus, will continue with the local roadshow until 1 September 2023.

For details on how to participate, contact Cirrus at