Aug 21

Venture Media and Team Namibia join hands to propel Namibian enterprises and their stories

Press Release

Venture Media and Team Namibia proudly announce a strategic partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), committed to boosting Namibian businesses and promoting a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. This collaborative effort commenced on 1 August 2023 and a one -year agreement has been signed.

This landmark collaboration between Venture Media and Team Namibia introduces a comprehensive suite of initiatives designed to elevate local enterprises, foster economic development and encourage community involvement.

Under the agreement, Venture Media will provide Team Namibia members with an exclusive opportunity to be prominently featured in the highly regarded Namibia Trade Network. This platform will effectively strengthen their visibility and connect them with potential customers and strategic partners while being showcased under the Team Namibia brand.

In alignment with their shared ethos of supporting local endeavours, Venture Media will seamlessly incorporate Team Namibia members into its various publications and digital platforms to highlight what Namibia has to offer to a local, regional and global audience. This innovative showcase will underscore the significance of supporting indigenous enterprises and championing Namibian products and services.

With an aspiration to forge meaningful connections, Team Namibia will seize the opportunity to engage key stakeholders and potential partners through Venture Media’s network, platforms and future events.

The collaboration extends to the sharing of knowledge and resources with both entities’ extensive network of stakeholders. This exchange of expertise aims to cultivate mutual growth and learning.

The MoU emphasises a shared dedication to the growth of Namibian enterprises. Both Venture Media and Team Namibia are enthusiastic about the transformative potential of this collaboration in propelling Namibia’s business landscape to new heights.

About Team Namibia:

Team Namibia is a member-based non-profit movement aimed at mobilising Namibian consumers to buy local, as well as driving the promotion of the production of quality local products and services. Learn more at

About Venture Media:

Venture Media is Namibia’s premier tourism, conservation and industry campaign marketing and content creation company. They specialise in the production and publication of multi-media, multi-platform content. Discover Namibia with Venture’s range of tourism, travel, conservation, lifestyle and industry focused magazines, videos and online campaigns, as well as its famed Namibia Trade Network: showcasing the corporate sector’s success stories. Learn more at