Oct 27
Unveiling the 2023 European Film Festival Zimbabwe: Explore, learn, and enjoy with #EuroFilmFestZW!

Unveiling the 2023 European Film Festival Zimbabwe: Explore, learn, and enjoy with #EuroFilmFestZW!

Lights, camera, action! The European Union is excited to present this year’s European Film Festival Zimbabwe (#EuroFilmFestZW) is about to make a captivating entrance in Harare and Bulawayo, offering a grand cinematic extravaganza. Featuring a diverse line up of 6 European and 21African movies, extending across 6 days and two vibrant cities, the festival promises an array of compelling elements: engaging input sessions, enriching masterclasses, stimulating discussions, and the thrilling BIOSKOP competition, prepare to embark on a journey into a realm of storytelling, cultural exchange, filmmaking, and creative exploration. The European Union, along with the EU Member States, invite you to join us on 20-22 October at the Mbare Art Space in Harare and on 26-28 October at Ster-Kinekor Centre in Bulawayo. Best of all, this festival is entirely FREE and open to the public! “Movies serve as a universal language for cultural encounters, transcending boundaries, and uniting people through shared stories. This year’s European Film Festival has taken another step forward towards becoming a Zimbabwe-EU platform for savouring European and African cinema and for fostering the growth of the Zimbabwean local film industry,” remarked H.E. Jobst von Kirchmann, Ambassador of the European Union to Zimbabwe.

Get ready for an extraordinary cinematic journey! Today, starting at 4 pm, we celebrate the grand opening of the 2023 European Film Festival Zimbabwe, situated right in the heart of Harare at the Mbare Art Space. This festival guarantees a captivating array of European, African, and Zimbabwean films, extending a warm invitation to film practitioners, enthusiasts, and the broader Zimbabwean public to dive into the world of cinema. Whether you’re a devoted film aficionado or a seasoned industry professional, you’ll discover a wide range of offerings, from feature films to engaging documentaries and exceptional short films.

Theme: “Crossing Borders”

The #EuroFilmFestZW  is not confined to Europe, Africa or Zimbabwe alone. This year, the festival’s theme is “Crossing Borders.” A theme that resonates with the European Union and it’s Member States’ commitment to fostering exchanges through all forms of cultural expression, including the medium of filmmaking. Anticipate films that explore a myriad of ways in which people traverse borders, be it physical journeys or a metaphorical leap into uncharted territories… Anticipate an adventure.

Festival Highlights

The festival is not just about films; it’s a holistic experience! We’ve curated a diverse set of events that will elevate your understanding of the cinematic world.

37 movies and shorts: 6 from Europe, 21 from Africa, including 10 shorts from Zimbabwe
BIOSKOP Short Film Competition: Celebrate the creativity of Zimbabwean filmmakers.
African Filamu Shorts: Journey through 10 short films that shed light on the unique experiences of Africans.
Input Conference: Explore the prospects and challenges of Zimbabwean film and media as they venture into the digital realm.

Masterclasses: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of experienced filmmakers and industry professionals.
Workshops: Dive into the world of filmmaking, screenwriting, and editing with hands-on workshops.
Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations on various aspects of film and the film industry.
Pre-movie cocktails: EU Member States Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden will this year also host pre-screening cocktails.

Additionally, this year marks a significant milestone as the European Union proudly collaborates with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) for the first time in this festival. Together, we are dedicated to advancing the development of a National Film Policy for Zimbabwe by organizing a Round Table for discussions.

Other Noteworthy Moments

In addition to our core events, we’ve packed the festival with exciting surprises:

#EuroFilmFestZW Mixer: The festival kicks off with a bang, featuring a live musical performance, tantalizing cocktails, and the announcement of the Bioskop Short Film Competition winners.
African Feature: Don’t miss the festival’s closing film, “Mami Wata,” the first Nigerian film to grace the Sundance Film Festival.
Musical Journey – Mbare Legends: Groove to the rhythms of legendary Mbare musicians.
Mbare Archives – Researching the Context: Delve into the rich history of Mbare through artifacts and historical materials.
Film meets Art -Documentaries by Art21: Experience art through documentaries from Art21, a global resource for artistic peer-to-peer learning.
Tracing History – Mural in the Making: Witness the creation of a dynamic mural on the Mbare Art Space structure.
‘Red Carpet’ – by Takunda Regis Billiat: An artistic interpretation of the iconic “red carpet.”
The Mhondoro Marauders Show: Join the listening party and album launch of the Mhondoro Marauders, a Zimbabwean hip hop sensation.

Get Ready to Be Amazed

The European Union is proud to present this year’s 2023 European Film Festival Zimbabwe – your golden ticket to explore the world through cinema, connect with the industry’s best, and uncover the hidden gems of storytelling. And all entirely FREE and open to the public!

Find the programmes under: www.EuroFilmFest.co.Zw

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe.