Oct 12

Unlocking Opportunities for MSMEs

Press Release

This morning, Sanlam Investments, in partnership with Namibia Investment Promotion and Development (NIPDB), hosted an insightful and empowering investment session exclusively tailored for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). With a clear mission to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence necessary to make informed investment choices, this event represented a significant step towards securing the financial futures of MSMEs.

Leading the charge in revealing diverse investment prospects for MSMEs was Stephanie de Klerk, a dedicated Business Development Consultant at Sanlam. Stephanie acknowledged the common challenges faced by MSMEs, particularly those related to solvency and profit margin expansion. She presented a spectrum of innovative ideas that enable MSMEs to diversify their investments, amplify returns, and, crucially, attain the financial stability required to meet debt obligations. Stating that, “Sanlam Investments sees information sharing and investment mentoring of MSMEs as the logical next step in our endeavour to garden client relationships and provide solutions to a segment that does not have access to conventional financing. We want to empower and equip MSMEs to become part of their own wealth journey and we offer a diverse product universe that can be used by MSMEs, Retail and Institutional clients alike to unlock wealth and do business with confidence.” Moreover, she extended invaluable guidance on the path to wealth creation through strategic investment.

The core objective of this strategic partnership between Sanlam Investments and NIPDB is to equip MSMEs with the essential tools and insights needed for future wealth generation through well-informed investment choices. “Sanlam welcomes this smart partnership with the NIPDB as a platform that is responsive to the investment needs of MSMEs,” Stephanie de Klerk.

The event’s conclusion featured heartfelt gratitude expressed by Wendy Naruses, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Distribution. Her closing remarks emphasized the abundant investment opportunities awaiting MSMEs.

This insightful and knowledge-rich series of information sessions will continue, reaffirming our commitment to ensuring that MSMEs have access to opportunities and the guidance required to successfully navigate the complexities of wealth generation