Oct 05

The Battle of the Bookworms

By Nadja Roxin, DHPS

“Reading is a boundless childhood adventure” – Astrid Lindgren

The DHPS assembly hall came alive on Saturday, 30 September 2023, with colourful letters, bookworms, and avid readers – ready for the annual Horst Kreft Reading Festival, proudly supported by the AGDS (Association of German Schools, Arbeits- und Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine). The stage was set with a row of children’s books, a cosy reading chair and a small table with a lonely chair … For the young participants, reading in solitude is an adventure in itself, but sharing their stories with an audience was an additional thrilling challenge.

Twelve learners from six different German schools across Namibia accepted this challenge as part of the Horst Kreft Reading Festival.

In the first part of the festival, learners read a text of their own choice, spanning from classics like “Pumuckl” to adventures like “Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter” and enchanting fairy tales from the Grimm brothers.

The second part was more demanding, as learners had to read from an unprepared text for three minutes. Group A, consisting of learners from grades 3 and 4, dealt with “Kommissar Kugelblitz – Alarm in Windhuk”, while Group B learners from grades 5 and 6 embarked on a literary journey through “Portilla” by Cornelia Funke. The children tackled this task superbly, even though they were
confronted with difficult words that put their pronunciation to the test.

Finally, the jury, comprising Sylvia Schlettwein (University of Namibia), Corinna Burth (Goethe Institute) and Katja Haase (Hitradio Namibia) evaluated the readers’ intonation, fluency and articulation: Certainly not an easy task for the jurors.

In the end, Jan-Leon Ruppel (Group A) and Emily Berens (Group B) took the victory to the coast. We congratulate the winners and wish them many more joyful reading adventures in the future.

AGDS and DHPS thanks all readers for the adventurous and exciting morning.

Group A

  • 1st place Jan-Leon Ruppe Privatschule Swakopmund
  • 2nd place Klara Kaiser Privatschule Otjiwarongo
  • 3rd place Joshua Cowley Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek

Group B

  • 1st place Emily Berens Privatschule Swakopmund
  • 2nd place Tabea Ermann Deutsche Privatschule Omaruru
  • 3rd place Michiel Boshoff Deutsche Privatschule Otavi