Aug 28

Seaweed to Skincare: Erongo’s OM SEED 2023 Champ Crafts Organic Soap

From the vibrant landscapes of the North to the scenic Coast, the 2023 Old Mutual Sustainable Economic & Empowerment Drive (OM SEED 2.0) initiative has illuminated Namibia’s enterprising spirit. With winner’s coming from the Kavango East Region, Hardap Region, and finally the Erongo Region. This initiative has now concluded, leaving nine remarkable individuals beaming as they each won their share of a collective N$300 000. 

In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Accelerator Lab, the Old Mutual Namibia Foundation is pleased to announce the successful winners of the 2023 OM SEED Erongo Region. 

Leading this wave of innovation from the Erongo Region is Bianca Guriras, the visionary founder of Guriras Organic Skincare, who walks away with the first prize of N$50 000. Guriras taps into the natural wealth of the Erongo Region, crafting skincare products from locally harvested seaweed. Her commitment to sustainable skincare and dedication to serving the Albinism community in Namibia set her journey apart. Guriras shared her gratitude, “I am truly honoured by this recognition. OM SEED has given life to my dreams, and I eagerly continue promoting sustainable skincare while supporting those in need.”

Paulina Alfeus, the creative force behind Fredina Trading cc, secured the second spot, earning N$30 000. Her adept transformation of discarded drums into functional furniture and appliances highlights the essence of waste reduction and sustainable craftsmanship.

Lorenzo Bezuidenhout, the driving force behind Elbiggo Productions CC, claimed the third spot, walking away with N$20 000. Lorenzo’s efforts in distributing Food Socks, an affordable and nutritious meal solution, resonate deeply with the needs of Namibian families.

Mignon du Preez, Old Mutual Namibia’s Group Marketing, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Executive is proud of the Old Mutual Foundation for being the driving force behind the life-changing OM SEED initiative. “From Kavango East to Hardap and Erongo, these entrepreneurs symbolize the resilience and brilliance of our nation. Their journey embodies the transformative power of initiatives like OM SEED, fostering economic growth, innovation, and community upliftment.”

Du Preez concluded by wholeheartedly commending these exceptional entrepreneurs for their relentless drive and unwavering commitment. “Their success stands as a testament to Namibia’s entrepreneurial talent. Watching the inspiring journey of these individuals and the positive impact they create fills the Old Mutual Foundation with immense pride and joy.”