Oct 23

Rugby World Cup Semi-Final Victory: Message from Rugby Africa President Herbert Mensah to South Africa’s Springboks

Celebrating South Africa’s victory against England in the semi-final of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Herbert Mensah, the newly elected President of Rugby Africa, (www.RugbyAfrique.com), the continental governing body of rugby across Africa, issues a message of congratulations addressed to Mark Alexander, President of the South Africa Rugby Union (SARU):

Dearest Mark, My Brother

Congratulations to YOU, Mark. Congratulations to the Springboks. In a tournament that began back in September, dedication and unity of the Springboks have been nothing short of extraordinary.

The path you’ve walked is not a sprint but a steady and relentless race. YOU have faced the world’s best with unparalleled speed, tenacity and power.

The Springboks move as one, whether on the field with seven, fifteen or twenty-three players, or behind the scenes with the dedicated staff and medics.

Your achievements have not only left us in awe but have ignited a curiosity to the power of the Springboks. The greatest moments of rugby history have featured the Springboks, and now YOU have reached the final. Our pride in YOU knows no bounds.

From the very beginning to the end, it is the enduring spirit of positivity that will see us through. Mark, YOU and your team have embodied that spirit.

In all our languages, with all our spirits and power, we say congratulations to YOU and wish YOU the very best of luck in the final.

Go Springboks, go!

Herbert Mensah,

President, Rugby Africa.

Download official letter here: apo-opa.info/4070l7N