Nov 07

Omaruru Municipality CEO Addresses Housing Challenges and Land Allocation

By Dilia Mazula

CEO Valentinus Sindongo Reveals Plans to Resolve Land Issues and Improve Housing Delivery

In an exclusive interview with Future Media News, the CEO of the Omaruru Municipality, Valentinus Sindongo, unveiled a strategic roadmap to tackle Namibia’s urgent housing and land allocation challenges.

He acknowledged, “As the municipality, we understand the challenges that the people are having. And one of the most critical countrywide challenges is backlog for housing delivery, but the municipality of Omaruru is working tirelessly to find amicable models that are going to alleviate some of these challenges.”

Sindongo has said that to facilitate a more transparent and community-driven land and housing allocation process, the Omaruru Municipality plans to conduct a public community meeting, during which an application form will be introduced to gather a detailed database of residents. Sindongo stressed that through this approach, the council will be able to identify those who can afford housing based on their income.

He further stated that residents will be informed of the way forward by the end of November, after which the application process for the land and housing allocation will commence.

Sindongo underlined the importance of cooperation between the council and the public, saying he believes that even if issues are taken outside the council, they will eventually return, necessitating council involvement. He stressed, “Because if they take it out, wherever they should take it, they will still refer it back to the council and say, please, can you attend to the matters of the people?”

Sindongo encouraged all Omaruru residents to actively participate in the upcoming public meetings, which he says will help to align the council’s plans with the community’s needs. He further reassured residents that the municipality is committed to a transparent and accountable governance.

Sindongo declared that past concerns, such as nepotism and corruption, will not happen on his watch and that his focus is on providing the best possible services to the community: “We want to find a proper way on how we can provide services to the whole town of Omaruru,” he said.

One notable concern raised by Sindongo is the existence of numerous unregistered associations, which may impede the resolution of land allocation problems. He believes this issue might be politically motivated and emphasized that he does not recognize most of the associations that have been writing to him with housing and land allocation concerns.

Sindongo says his vision for Omaruru is one of transparency, collaboration, and practical solutions to housing and land allocation challenges. With active public engagement and careful planning, he says the municipality aims to improve the living conditions of its residents and provide equitable access to housing and land.