Oct 17

Nanodog expands with Grand Opening of its largest store at Maerua Mall

Press Release

Nanodog, leading provider of custom gaming PCs and tech solutions in Namibia, proudly celebrated the official opening of their fourth and largest store at Maerua Mall last week. This significant milestone marks another great achievement for the tech retailer, highlighting its exceptional growth and commitment to delivering top-tier products and services to its valued customers.

Johan du Plessis, founder and product manager of Nanodog, embarked on this extraordinary journey in 2006 when he started in his garage, specialising in custom gaming PCs. By 2010, he opened his first Nanodog shop at Maerua Mall, choosing this location due to the outstanding opportunities and the strong tenant-owner relationship offered by Oryx Properties, the property management company behind Maerua Mall.

Over the years, this partnership between Nanodog and Oryx Properties has blossomed, with Oryx Properties consistently demonstrating unwavering support for Namibian businesses. Johan’s dedication to his craft and the exceptional service provided by his team have contributed significantly to Nanodog’s success, making it the largest retailer in Namibia in terms of physical space and product selection.

Nanodog’s new Maerua Mall store is a tech enthusiast’s dream, with a unique layout that separates the space into two distinctive sections. The black section is dedicated to gaming, offering the latest gaming PCs, accessories and components. The white section, on the other hand, caters to business and home users of PCs, providing a wide range of cutting-edge tech solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Says Johan: “One of our standout features is our exclusive partnership with renowned brands, including Lenovo Gaming, ASUS Gaming and Logitech Gaming. These partnerships allow us to offer a premium selection of products.”  In addition to pure sales, the dedicated and well-trained staff at Nanodog are always ready to assist customers, providing expert advice and recommendations.

Johan proudly acknowledges that the success of Nanodog would not have been possible without the special support of Oryx Properties. The fruitful relationship between tenant and landlord is based on a transparent and open communication style that goes beyond the pursuit of profit. “Oryx Properties has consistently demonstrated their commitment to their tenants, even during challenging times, as seen with the rent reduction initiatives implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. This, to me, was an unbelievable gesture in my dealings with Oryx Properties and I know that our relationship will remain a long and fruitful one, going forward.”

Nanodog employs a team of 20 dedicated individuals, including staff at their coastal store, all of whom share Johan’s passion for delivering unique and exceptional products to their customers. ‘Our recipe for success is simple but effective: we offer distinctive products, go the extra mile to source what our clients want and share our extensive product knowledge with our valued customers. We invite everyone to visit our new store at Maerua Mall and see for yourself.”