Jun 14

Namibia Wins Bid to Host 2024 Africa Hospitality Investment Forum

Press Release

In a historical victory, it is a distinct honour to announce that Namibia has been selected to host the prestigious Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF) in 2024. AHIF, the premier investment conference in hospitality across Africa, plays a crucial role in driving investment into tourism projects, infrastructure and hospitality development on the continent. It gathers the highest calibre of international hotel investors, making it the most influential conference of its kind in Africa and a first for the SADC region.Namibia’s winning bid, which was announced yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya, builds on the foundational strengths of easily accessible cities, an accommodating visa policy, state-of-the-art infrastructure, diverse accommodation possibilities and rich tourism experiences. With the assurance of a high-level patron, AHIF2024 promises to be a landmark event that cements Namibia’s position as a premier destination for tourism and a favourable hub for investment. We eagerly anticipate welcoming delegates from across the globe and showcasing Namibia’s renowned hospitality, charm and investment possibilities.