Oct 20

MODEL United Nations High School Conference set to tackle global health challenges in 2023 session

The UN System in Namibia in partnership with the British High Commission in Namibia will be hosting the 11th annual Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) High School Conference on 1 – 2 November 2023 at the UN House in Klein Windhoek.

This year, delegates will discuss “The rising burden of chronic diseases and pandemics poses a challenge for public health systems and requires innovative approaches to improve population health, A new wave in public health.” Model United Nations is a dynamic simulation of UN bodies that enables young people to step into the shoes of diplomats, gaining first-hand experience in international relations and diplomacy.

This year’s conference will convene 100 high school delegates from different schools who will assume positions of diplomats representing their respective countries. The two-day deliberations will allow the delegates time to debate, lobby and present their positions with the goal of formulating a resolution that addresses the global health challenges and their related socio-economic and political effects.

At the end of the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to earn prestigious accolades such as “Best Delegate, Best Speaker, Best Delegation and Best School” in recognition of their stellar contributions to the discussions and showcase of diplomacy during the conference.

MUNNAM has been an impactful vehicle for youth engagement since 2012, allowing young people to explore complex global issues underscoring the role of the UN, member states, civil society and other role players in addressing these challenges. The annual high school conference has empowered hundreds of Namibian youths for over a decade and developed an understanding of multilateralism and the role of member states in promoting consensus and building peace. The programme has delivered dynamic young people passionate about youth advocacy and grassroot programmes that foster civic engagement.

The UN System in Namibia and the British High Commission in Namibia in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in Namibia are proud to present this programme to high school learners as an extra-mural activity that adds great value to the curriculum. The programme spans subject matter in history, geography, science, economics, and English. The Model UN delegates gain practical skills they can build upon during their studies and future career paths. The MUNNAM lays a foundation for young people to have a vested interest in world politics and is a fun experiential learning activity.

“The British High Commission in Namibia is pleased to support Model UN for the third consecutive year. The programme nurtures an awareness of global citizenship and cultivates an ethos of collaboration among learners. It is inspiring to watch high school learners articulate their ideas and engage in diplomatic discourse with confidence and enthusiasm in the span of two days. I wish all learners all the best of luck in their preparation for the 2023 conference,” said Charlotte Fenton, Deputy British High Commissioner.

“The Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) team is excited to meet the new delegates for the 2023 Conference. The ongoing support of the teachers and passionate past participants are instrumental to the success and continuity of the programme. “It takes a village to keep the Model UN programme a

sustainable programme for 11 years, we remain grateful to all contributors,” said Anthea Basson, Head of the United Nations Information Centre in Windhoek.