Aug 11

Jacob Zuma a ‘free man’

In the latest twist in what increasingly seems like the Jacob Zuma soap opera, South Africa’s former President spent less than two hours at a correctional facility on Friday, before walking out a free man. Mark Roughton reports that he is the first of more than 9400 non-violent prisoners who will be released on remission, in order to alleviate overcrowded prisons.

DA leader John Steenhuisen reacted to the news by saying that the decision is “a comedy of epic proportions”. News24 reports that Steenhuisen called President Cyril Ramaphosa a “spineless” leader who has failed to protect the country’s judiciary, insisting that Zuma’s remission status is proof, in the DA’s eyes, that the ANC government is not interested in governing for the people but only for the ANC.