Aug 15

Hinda-Mbuende, Amupanda lawsuit trial commences

The Deputy Minister of Finance is suing the former Mayor of Windhoek to the tune of N$1 million. Maureen Hinda-Mbuende and Job Amupanda’s trial has commenced in the Windhoek High Court, with the deputy minister taking the stand. The lawsuit is for alleged defamatory remarks Amupanda made against her in a social media post in July 2021. Amupanda posted a photo of an unknown woman on his social media platforms and inappropriately captioned it- according to Hinda-Mbuende. Hinda-Mbuende claims the post was meant to be understood by the public that the woman in the picture was her in her youthful days; that she was a street girl ready to fight at a moment’s notice.NAMIB