Oct 26

FNB Partners with Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance to Transform Namibia’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

Press Release

FNB Commercial Banking is pleased to announce a 1-year partnership agreement with the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, an alliance of African innovators known as Harambeans. This strategic partnership aims to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of Namibia and transform its entrepreneurial landscape.

As part of this collaboration, FNB’s SME clients will gain access to the Harambeans Lab, a comprehensive online learning platform that provides insights from Africa’s leading innovators on starting and scaling high-growth ventures across the continent. Additionally, FNB SME clients will have the opportunity to participate in knowledge transfer sessions and potentially secure two fully-funded places at the Harambean Global Summit in Kenya in February 2024.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey that will empower Namibian entrepreneurs and drive positive change in our country,” said Conrad Dempsey, CEO of FirstRand Namibia. “By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among our youth and equipping them with the necessary resources and mentorship, we believe that we can create a prosperous and innovative future for Namibia.”

During the launch event, Mrs. Sepo Haihambo, Executive Officer of FNB Commercial, emphasized the significance of FNB’s partnership with the Harambeans Namibia Program in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation within the country. This collaboration aims to cultivate a prosperous future for Namibia, where entrepreneurship thrives and the nation competes on a global scale. The Harambeans Namibia Program plays a vital role in nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth by providing them with the essential tools, mentorship, and resources to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures. By bridging the gap between formal education and practical experience, this collaboration empowers young Namibians with real-world skills required to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Moreover, through collaboration and networking, this initiative creates an environment where entrepreneurs can learn from one another, exchange ideas, and form meaningful partnerships. FNB Namibia fully endorses this transformative program, aligning with their commitment to enable entrepreneurs and contribute to building a better society.

Sepo announced that FNB Namibia has invested USD 150,000 (approximately N$3 million Namibia dollars) to bring this program to Namibians.

“We commend initiatives like this one that enable SMEs to grow their businesses, attract investments, and become part of global value chains,” highlighted Hon. Lucia Iipumbu, Minister of Industrialization & Trade. “This partnership will provide access to invaluable knowledge, capacity building, and international exposure for Namibian SMEs, contributing to our economic growth and resilience.” The partnership between FNB and Harambeans is in line with the government’s efforts to support SMEs and foster economic diversification says Minister Lucia Iipumbu.

The partnership between FNB Namibia and Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance marks a significant milestone in Namibia’s economic development and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Together, they aim to empower Namibian entrepreneurs, build sustainable businesses, and create a brighter and more prosperous future for all Namibians.