Aug 03

Empowering the Future: Old Mutual Namibia Unleashes the Potential of 17 Graduates

Press Release

In response to the pressing employment challenges faced by recent graduates in Namibia, Old Mutual Namibia is taking proactive steps to ease this burden and make a meaningful impact on the nation’s workforce. Recognising the need to support young talent, Old Mutual Namibia has again continued with their inspiring initiative that invites recent graduates to apply for a unique opportunity to gain market-relevant skills, positioning them for success in the job market.

Mignon du Preez, Old Mutual Namibia’s Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Executive, expressed the company’s commitment to nurturing local talent, stating, “at Old Mutual Namibia, we believe in the power of investing in our future leaders. Through this initiative, we aim to equip young graduates with hands-on experience and expose them to a diverse work environment, enabling them to excel in their careers and contribute significantly to our society.”

The response to the initiative was remarkable, and after a rigorous selection process Old Mutual Namibia proudly welcomed 17 exceptional graduates to its ranks, such as Paula Nantinda, Johanna Muulyao, Magdalena Nekongo, Izane Am-Gabes, Erich Nakale, Turipamwe Mbetjiha, Paulina Malakia, Anuschka Forbes, Pecky Nghaamwa, Erastus Ndhishoono, Jo-Marie Swartz, Delane Rittmann, Keannen Kolz,  Bonita Salomo, Charles Naobeb,  Anna-Lisa Seibes and Andreas Paulus.

A Platform for Growth and Learning

To ensure the graduates thrive in the dynamic environment of Old Mutual Namibia, each has been thoughtfully placed within various departments of the organisation. This strategic approach aims to enable them to leverage their academic knowledge while acquiring new and valuable skills, setting them up for an enriching career ahead.

Toini Muteka, Old Mutual Namibia’s Human Capital Executive, highlighted the company’s sense of responsibility towards the nation’s youth, saying, “Thousands of talented graduates find themselves without exposure to the working world. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to bridging this gap by providing 17 graduates with hands-on experience and the chance to put their knowledge into practice. This opportunity allows them to discover their true potential and explore diverse career paths within the working world.”

Muteka expressed her delight in extending this opportunity to young Namibian graduates. “As corporates, it is our responsibility to offer new graduates a glimpse of the professional work environment and contribute to the development of local talent. Today is a proud day for Old Mutual Namibia as we warmly welcome these promising young talents.”

Old Mutual Namibia’s commitment to empowering graduates and building a resilient workforce stands as a testament to its enduring vision of a prosperous, sustainable future for Namibia. By investing in young talent and providing them with opportunities to thrive, the company aims to create a lasting positive impact on society and contribute to the nation’s growth and development.