Aug 21

Capricorn Group renews sponsorship agreement with Capricorn Eagles

Press Release

Capricorn Group, in collaboration with Capricorn Asset Management and Capricorn Private Wealth, officially announced the extension of their partnership with Cricket Namibia for a third year. The renewal of the sponsorship agreement reaffirms Capricorn Group’s steadfast support for Namibia’s national women’s cricket team, officially known as the Capricorn Eagles and their continuous commitment to advancing girls’ and women’s cricket in Namibia.

On 19 August 2023, Marlize Horn, Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, announced the 2023 cash sponsorship in the amount of N$300,000 to the Capricorn Eagles Team. In addition to the cash sponsorship, Capricorn Group also supports the Capricorn Eagles with gear and equipment and other in-kind support.

“The remarkable strides achieved by the Capricorn Eagles, guided by Cricket Namibia, fill us with pride. The growth and development we have witnessed are evidence of strong leadership and the strategic application of resources. We remain committed to our community, as we firmly believe that the investments, we make today will yield positive outcomes for Namibian girls and women in the future.”, said Marlize Horn, Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs.

Cricket Namibia’s strategic vision for women’s cricket in Namibia is to creatively professionalize the women’s game to support the players and to grow junior structures and participation through organised girls cricket festivals and girls cricket school leagues.

“It is a great pleasure to have an organisation like Capricorn Group on board as an official partner of Cricket Namibia.  In 2021 Capricorn Group bought into the concept of promoting women’s cricket in Namibia. This partnership is another very positive step as part of the Capricorn Eagles’ continued growth and development,” said Johan Muller, CEO of Cricket Namibia.

Marlize H​orn of the Capricorn Group also expressed pride in the partnership with Cricket Namibia, whose leadership has demonstrated passion and commitment to cricket development over the years. “Capricorn Group thrives in creating positive change in our communities, and hope that our continued support of women’s cricket in Namibia will nurture the sport and increase female participation. Since our partnership with the Capricorn Eagles started in June 2021, the team has made great strides in local and international tournaments. They fly the Namibian flag high wherever they go and we are proud to be associated with these inspirational women,” she said.